Friday, April 6, 2007

Final look back...

Well, I've finally been home long enough to manage sleeping through the night, cleaning every article of clothing I took with me, and sorting through my pictures. Here's a couple of pictures form my last few days:

This is Sheila and I having our last lunch at Coffee Boat, our favorite little hole in the wall Thai place on Koh Tao.

My little cell to myself in Bangkok, though clean, was kinda creepy. The picture doesn't show that I was at the end of a dark hallway and very loud. But it was cheap!

This is the infamous Khao San Road, home to street vendors, over priced food, backpackers and travelers of all manner and destination, and, of course, people who will give you dread locks in the street for a few hundred baht. I declined.

This me in front of the Death Railroad, called that because so many people died building it. What a fun story, right?

And my friends and I on a bamboo raft on the River Kwai, on our way to Lunch!

At the tiger temple, I had to cover up my red shorts because, apparently, reds, oranges, and pinks can aggravate the tigers. All of the tigers were just stretched out on hot rocks, relaxing in the sun. You can not imagine how hot it was down there, with no shade and nothing but more hot rocks reflecting the sun back!

My Kanchanaburi friends on our last night in Bangkok. Sheila and I left for the airport at 3 am (so about 1 hour after this photo was taken!), and Natty and her boyfriend left the next morning to travel north to Chang Mai.

...and you all know the rest.

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