Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It has been an incredibly long time since I traveled abroad.  Obviously.  I mean, look at when the last post was made.  It has been a freakin while.
My fascinating fascinator!
But now I'm off and out and on my way again.  I have to admit, though...not to be a travel snob, but I am in one of the more boring places to travel to.  The United Kingdom has never held much appeal or my interest, but hey.  A trip is a trip. 
And this is a trip!  My friend is having a wedding reception in her newly adopted home town of Wells, and a small division of Americans will be representing the States against a sea of Brits.  Since it is a formal affair, a fascinator has been purchased.  Clearly the cultural exchange has already begun.

Wells is a charming little city, just barely qualifying as a city because of it's cathedral.  Complete with mostly cobble stone sidewalks and streets, the main debate among the American contingent is whether it looks like a set from Universal Studios or a scene form Disney Land.  Everything from the signage to the homes and storefronts, the cathedral with its moat, are all satisfyingly British-looking and seeming.  The last time I was in the UK, I felt like I was stuck in a generic suburb that just happened to have English accents coming out of every mouth I ran into.  This is just so much more fun. 
In the last week I've spent most of my days reading writing, and working, with frequent breaks to check out cafes and pubs.  So far I've managed to drink at five different pubs in town...or is it six?  It's probably six.  Not bad for a city where I've also seen a dude drive a tractor down the main street like it was the most normal thing in the world. 

Also, the rumors you've heard are true; the food is getting better!  So far I haven't had a bad meal yet, which is fantastic.  I am considering taking up the habit of double-lunches just to make sure I don't miss out on anything delicious. 

On the menu today, besides a delicious open-faced sandwich and carrot & cumin soup, I've got a fungi & chicken meat pie, ginger chocolate biscuits, and fresh strawberries from the farmer's market on the menu. 
Tomato, basil and Welsh rarebit bruschetta with Carrot & Cumin soup
Yum city.  Oh yeah, and beer.  At some point today we will end up at the pub and toss back a couple of pints.
Okay England, you have me.  For now...